ProSeries : concept

PROSERIES are a beach volley tour planned on international network.

PROSERIES are planned on best venues along Mediterranean Area.

PROSERIES are structured on several connected events.


ProSeries : the association PROSERIES.ORG

PROSERIES..ORG is an independent sport association registered in Italy.

PROSERIES.ORG wants to promote beach volley and in general beach games at any level.

PROSERIES.ORG's brand is a registered trademark (code: UIBM CCIAA C000165).

PROSERIES.ORG fully complies with IOC Charter and Olympics Fundamentals.

ProSeries : collateral activities

TRAINING CAMP : PROSERIES.ORG plans and coordinates beach volley training camps for kids and adults, mixing fun time & technical improvement, beachlifestyle & healthy activities...

CONSULTING : PROSERIES.ORG offers each type of consulting for the organization of pro and/or amateur events as court and stadium set up, sanctioning procedures for international & national events, management of the event, coordination of collateral activities, info report outcomes...

PRO PLAYERS RECRUITMENT : PROSERIES.ORG offers to promoters, municipalities, sponsors the possibility to have international men & women pro-players for each kind of activity as: exhibitional events, photo-shooting, vip & pr events...


PROSERIES ASD - P.IVA 02375380397
PROSERIES is a registered trademark
all rights reserved / tutti i diritti riservati